CREATED ON 6th February 2018

Essay on Dramatic Outcomes in Shakespeare's The Tempest

The Importance of Dramatic Effects from The Tempest It's been stated that the function of drama would be to confront and then engage the viewer. This is definitely the approach taken by Shakespeare in his play, The Tempest. When the play begins, the audience is instantly confronted by the sheer ferocity of the tempest, and from the time that the unlucky passengers land on the island, the audience is engaged by the dream of this island of Prospero. At the start of the drama, we view the activity on board the boat which is ferrying the King and some members of the upper course back home. They are in the midst of a terrific storm, the likes of that mariners of these times could have prayed not to fulfill. The state of nature, at this time, is quite much in disorder. This becomes significant after the activity inn the ensuing calm, as most distinct binary opposites are set up, such as fate against free will, person versus non human, and dictate contradictory with disease. Prospero, the ruler of the island, is actually both parts of the opposition 'ability of kings' versus supernatural ability, being equally the rightful Duke of Milan and the leader of his island, and also being a magician with a soul for a servant. Throughout his 'art', he also shows us that the order/disorder opposition. He created the storm at the beginning of the play, the great disorder. Towards the conclusion, however, he is accountable for the masque scene, a fantastic order - that the culminating of perfection for this civilization, in reality. In Elizabethan times, dramatists used the thrust stage as the norm for all of the plays performed. The thrust stage, as different to the afterwards used Proscenium arch, was a large raised platform which reached out into the crowd. In fact,...

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