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CREATED ON 9th January 2018

Essay on Caliban in The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Caliban in The Tempest by William Shakespeare Caliban is Extremely Important to The Tempest. He is as a notable link between the crowd and performwith. Elizabethan theater was like a football match that theatre, as we understand it now. There were raucous audiences who would have particularly liked having a monster that they could jeer at. Therefore Caliban would have been a central character to the reduced class character, as they could feel superior to him in a very class determined society. This could have added to the visual part of the drama. Shakespeare has created the character of Caliban with depth. He's done this by giving him two possible sides to translate. In some ways he is a puzzle for the director to fix. Should he be a hardhearted monster who wants to kill his master of should he be mentally defective and miss-guided with human qualities who we feel sympathetic towards? In my opinion he is the second. I think this is due to the fact he has always been poorly treated and used by prospero. A good instance of this is in Act 1, scene 2, 'fetch us in fuel, and be quick'. Here prospero is using Caliban for his own purposes. He then says aside ' I must obey, his art is of such power' this highlights his fear of prospero. In a recent production of 'The Tempest' Caliban very violently as a monster in chains kept like a beastly wild animal. This makes the audience feel uncomfortable as he was snarling and growling around the stage. This portrayal affected my whole view of the play with negative effects. I feel that by making Prospero's control over Caliban so physical it takes away an element of his magical power he has which is e.. .

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