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Photography in Flux Essay

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Photography in Flux It is no secret that digital photography is now very rapidly finding a market in modem society, in the the professional kingdom in addition to in the home. The advent of newer, faster, and more embellished technologies have placed the ability of photographic production in the hands of the frequent person. An art form which previously was left into the cost of several skilled professionals was permanently altered by these technologies. Certainly, this development of sorts has its own strengths as well as its drawbacks. What benefits does a photographer have with digital technologies that he or she might not have using a conventional camera? What are the disadvantages? And what does this technology mean to the future of this photography trade? To begin with, just what is the basic technological gap between digital photography and traditional film? In Tom Ang's The Art of Digital Photography, he states that "the vital distinction is that the light-sensitive medium utilized to catch the picture" (10). Okay. Well what does this mean? Pictures in conventional film are made when "silver salts suspended in the emulsion convert the amount of light falling on them into a latent image" (Ang 10). When film is developed, the chemical processes which occur magnify the changes to make a viewable image. By comparison, digital cameras have a digital detector that converts the light falling on it in an electric charge, which is then processed by electrical circuitry and turned into a code that may be stored, transported, copied, etc.. Benefits Fundamentally, once a picture is present in electronic form, it may either be tweaked to correct even its most indiscernible attributes or it can be entirely morphed into something completely different. There.

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