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The Genetic Screening Controversy Essay Illustration

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In the past couple of decades, there has been surprising advances in the understanding of how genes influence tasks of different cells throughout the human body. Genetic screening informs one about a predisposition or carrying of a disorder (Konstantinopoulous PA, Karamouzis MV, Papavassiliou AG, 2009:63). Although understanding from genetic screening is extremely beneficial, it might also have harmful effects on society. The information of someone's genes can cause genetic discrimination (McNamee MJ, Muller A, van Hilvoorde I, Holm S. 2009:39:339-344). Take for instance, if a talented athlete is tested positive for sickle cell trait, he's vulnerable to being given less play time by his coach. Above all, he confronts the serious risk of death; for lots of athletes who carry the sickle cell trait have expired as a result of harsh conditioning. Although genetic screening should be encouraged among athletes, as it may secure their health, it should not be required since it creates athletes susceptible to discrimination. Sickle cell disease is a molecular disease where red blood cells get an abnormal "sickle" shape because of a substitution of valine for glutamic acid at the structure of the B string hemoglobin molecule (Roseff SD, 2009: 67). Due to the deformed form, the membranes of the red blood cells draw to one another and polymerize when in an poor-oxygen concentration surroundings (Roseff SD, 2009: 67). As a result, patients who inherit 2 abnormal receptor genes from both parents suffer from occlusive disease, immune system alterations, anemia, ischemia, and many more harmful diseases or signs (Roseff SD, 2009: 67-70). Regardless of how individuals who inherit one copy of the HgB S gene from 1 parent usually live a normal life, they're.

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