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Essay on Drug Dependency

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What is dependency? The dictionary definition of dependence is "The state of relying on or being controlled by somebody or something else" Meaning that drug dependency is when a person relies on a medication to function normally. The same may occur with alcohol. Recent research has shown that alcohol and drug dependency has been steadily growing. Most theorize that it is the result of both stress and peer pressure. But, there have been many ideas concocted to help those hooked handle their own situation. For as long as people can remember, human beings have always used drugs and consumed alcohol. In the Indians huddling around a fire and smoking the peace pipe, into the Irish drinking whiskey to their heart's content, drugs and alcohol have always been a problem in the world. The opium war was caused since the English wished to market the opium the needed from India into the Chinese who had been dependent on it due to overuse of the medication. One cannot just be dependent on it but financially dependent on drugs or alcohol also. Many drug dealers had no other choice but to start dealing drugs to feed and provide for their own families. Either on account of the dearth of work where they reside or previous felonies that dissuade them from obtaining work. Their circumstance direct them to dealing illegal substances. Despite the fact that they are not physically dependent, they're financially dependent. Because without their merchandise, they would not have the ability to create a living and feed their families. So it's possible not to be but also financially. One can also become mentally dependent on a drug or alcohol. Emotional addiction is that someone doesn't need the medication but one needs it and believes one needs it. For example, scientists have prescribed p.. .

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