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The True Appearance and Goal of Angels Essay

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Bunn 1 "from the temple came the seven angels with the seven plagues. They were dressed in clean, shining linen and wore golden sashes around their chests," Revelation 15:6 (Buursma, Manikas-Foster). In Paradise Lost, a infamous angel, Lucifer, is thought to transform into a toad and whisper into Eve's ear (Jance). The planet and the Bible have contrasting perspectives on what angels look like what is an angel's function. Angels have been regarded as mystical creatures with halos and lovely wings, yet, also seen as beings which glorify God endlessly. So, what does one angel actually look like? Do angels exist? Are they made up creatures in films? The planet's perspective and the Bible's viewpoint on angels don't entirely fit; consequently, for Christians' spiritual assurance, Christians will need to discover the true look and purpose of angels. Angelology is one of the ten main classes of theology. A simple definition will say angles are bodiless, immortal souls who are limited in knowledge and power. Yet, different religions have a lot broader outlook. Such religions include, but are not restricted to, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Judaism, more obscure than others, does not have any particular hierarchy of angels. People of the Protestant faith have abandoned the cult of angels. The Islam religion contains four archangels: Jibrail, Mikail, Israfil, and Izrail, believed the Angel of Death. These archangels generally act rather than Allah. According to the Islam tradition, two scribe angels stay with every individual. 1 scribe angel sits on the right and another on the left. The angel on the right side records the great deeds of every person. The angel on the left accepts notes of transgressions of the individual ("Angel"). ...

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