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Essay about Oceanographic Equipment to Measure Currents

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Introduction The questions what can cause polar ice to melt, variation in heat range at same latitudes, environment change and others possess led meteorologist, ocean scientist and additional researchers to research currents. Based on the, a current is definitely a physical body of water or surroundings relocating a definite direction, especially through a encircling body of drinking water or air where there is less motion. Currents can be produced both on the ocean surface flowing horizontally and sub surface flowing vertically. These currents are produced by different factors however. Horizontal currents are produced by the wind blowing over the ocean surface while vertical currents are produced by the density distinctions in water masses due to temperature and salinity variation. To comprehend the significance of the currents researchers used several oceanographic equipment which incorporates different ways to measure them. The Lagrangian measurement includes all drifter measurements, that was named following the mathematician Joseph Louis Lagrange as the Eulerian measurement incorporates calculating currents of a liquid at only confirmed point and was called after Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler ( Ocean currents are usually measured in Knots. According to NOAA ocean service education, Knot is thought as one nautical mile each hour and can be used to measure speed ( Oceanographic Equipment to Measure Currents Incorporating both Lagrangian and Eulerian measurements allowed experts to measure both surface area and sub surface area currents. The floating products, which scientist contact a ‘drifter’, to consider the measure surface current and also devices which scientist contact a ‘profiling floats’ ,...

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