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The Salem Witch Trials Essays

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The Salem Witch Trials were a prime portion of American history during the early 17th century. During this time period, religion was the prime focus and manner of life within colonies. This was particularly true for the Puritan way of life. Puritans first came to America in hopes of practicing Christianity their own way, into the purest type. The Puritans were fundamentalists who believed every word transcribed in the Bible by God was to be followed exactly for what it was. The concept of the devil controlling a girl and forming her into a Witch has been originated from individuals lack of consciousness on disease, illness or simple hysteria. The Colonists shortage of expertise on the systematic approach through sciences, abandoned them closing to a spiritual phenomenon. The Puritans believed in the idea of predestination. Predestination is the notion that God elects people who will go to Heaven and Hell by the time they are born to this world. So with this thought that was set by the Puritans themselves, I think they would shun those who appeared unnatural or different to them. In their own eyes, to be chosen by God and stay away from the snare of the devil, they would always stay on the job. Only resting for went they went to bed. So naturally, the Puritans came up with the concept that the Devil defeated the body of someone with weak would and transformed them into a witch. One fact of concern that I found to be most interesting was that there has been a wealth of more killings in puritan colonies linked to witchcraft compared to England. Why are there more killings of civilians in colonies in America as opposed to civilians who lived in England through the witch trials? Was this due to religious differences? Or was this leading to a requirement to be approved.

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