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Incapacitating Lethal Agents Essay

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Incapacitating Agents The non-lethal, lethal brokers The CDC has tagged Incapacitating agents as "Medicines which make individuals unable to think clearly or cause an altered state of awareness (possibly unconsciousness)." (CDC, 2013) So an in other words, an incapacitating agent is a drug that hinders a person's capacity to think with an unaltered mind. From a military part, an incapacitating agent is a nonlethal means of rendering an enemy force useless without using any type or form of lethal action. An Incapacitating agent is something that affects an individual's Central Nervous System (CNS). These agents come in four different forms - Deliriants, which is a type of delirium, so the person who comes in touch with this agent will become confused and disoriented to this extent as to not be able to think clearly. 1 popular kind of deliriant is known as 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate or (BZ) for short. 1 reason why this product was so powerful was because it might be used in such a minimal dose while other agents have to be utilized in larger amounts (Price effective). Another category is stimulants, which leads to the individual effected to become very hyper-active and/or jittery. There's a vast selection of stimulants that may be used as an agent from amphetamines, cocaine, to smoking. The issues with using any type of stimulant is making it an aerosol and also people who are on stimulants tend to be aggressive and agitated than just passive. Depressants can be utilized as an incapacitating agent; these representatives slow down and abate physiological functions and activities. Once someone is under the influence of a depressant subsequently their motivation, their drive, and their will be diminished and changed. Some well known depressant...

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