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Writer on Katherine Mansfield's Miss Brill

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As humans, much of our own lives are based around social interaction. We're educated to live through various means of socialization from the time of our birth. Without this socialization and interaction among each other we can grow to be very disillusioned and confused about how to be a component of society. An individual would have to isolate ourselves, exiled in this area we call the world. In Katherine Mansfield's short story "Miss Brill," one person, herself a kind of outcast of society, creates a fantasy world where she is at the middle. "Miss Brill" is the story of a woman fighting with loneliness. She partakes in a ritual where each Sunday she would spend the entire day in the local park eavesdropping and celebrating that the people around her. In her mind everyone about her is besides her unadorned existence when in reality Brill just sits alone seemingly frantically in search of companionship. She scorns anything and anyone that will cause her to realize the truth about her pitiful existence. The narrative conveys a message, expressed through the character of Miss Brill, that those who do not communicate with others but idealize them , and those who do not act in the real world lose touch with reality. Miss Brill's character can be described as one of an idealist. The story begins as she prepares herself to her Sunday ritual in which she speaks to herself using words such as "candy" and "dear" (Mansfield 98) to describe her an lifeless object. She also clarifies the fur as "Little Rogue" (Mansfield 98) with "miserable little eyes"(Mansfield 98). An individual can definitely understand that the stole is an inanimate object, but through Brill's eyes it's very alive. She even makes mention the fur asks her, "What's happening to me?" (Mansfield 98). To give life into some fur and refer to it as "sweet" is definitely idealizing that animal. Her way of providing importance to minor matters such as her "special seat" (Mansfield 98) exemplifies that a feeling she sees the world in a more positive way than her life actually is. Brill lacks the companionship she desires thus turning to those everyday items to maintain her composure. Since Brill returns home she chooses her weekly trip to the bakery where she usually stops to get a slice of honey cake explaining it as "...her Sunday cure..." (Mansfield 101). Brill took joy in the expectation that "When there was an...

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