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Good vs Evil in Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game Essay

The lines define good and evil aren't written in dark and white; these lines have a tendency to blur into many shades of grey allowing good and evil to intermingle with each another in one human being. Man isn't inherently great or evil however they are born innocent with no values or feeling of morality until people impart their philosophies of existence to them. In what of John Locke: Why don't we then suppose your brain to end up being, as we state, white paper void of most characters, without any basic ideas. How comes it to be furnished? Whence comes it by that huge store which the occupied and boundless fancy of guy has painted onto it with an limitless variety? Whence has everything the materials of cause and knowledge? To the I answer, in a single word, from experience (Locke, 1690/1947, bk. II, chap. 1, p.26). Society teaches both great and evil without recognizing they are corrupting In the novel Ender's Video game, Orson Scott Cards uses Peter, Ender, and many symbols to improve his theme of the duality of individual nature showing that humans aren't pure good or real evil – they certainly are a mixture of both. The relative lines define good and evil aren't written in dark and white; these lines have a tendency to blur permitting evil and great to intermingle with each another within a human being. the lines have a tendency to blur and the colours intermingle The lines define good and evil aren't written in black and white but have a tendency to antagonist dualism value of good and evil written in black and white property/quality/standard/characteristics right relation/morality inherent Though there exists a dichotomy between good and evil these Firstly, Peter sometimes appears as the human manifestation of evil yet he's with the capacity of performing civil acts towards.

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