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Man's Everlasting Battle against Nature Essay

Nature could be translated in a number of diverse ways. Some choose to look at nature as a mother, giver of life as we depend on its food but sometimes we can't trust nature as there are expectations that character will betray us inducing man to struggle back to prevent this, forming an endless struggle. In this area of study I will present this motif throughout the poems: Death of a Naturalist by Seamus Heaney, At a Potato Digging and by Seamus Heaney and Soil from R.S. Thomas. Seamus Heaney is among the many Irish poets that portray the betrayal of character in many of his writings mainly through the use of autobiographical poetry which provides us a deeper insight into the meaning. By Heaney's anthology the poem Death of a Naturalist shows this the greatest since it's written inside the poet's own life and displays the lost of childhood innocence. The poem includes a very simple structure rather than Heaney's proposal At a Potato Digging. In the very first stanza you will find twenty five lines of blank verse like to say he had been speaking as a child successfully catching the reader's attention. The next stanza is similar; the sole difference is that you will find twelve lines. From the first stanza Heaney explains the way the bomb would start to spawn and the way his teacher had encouraged his interest forcing him to sneak the frogspawn. In this section we also learn that the atmosphere is an Irish coastal countryside, since it reflects a Irish flax- blossom. The next stanza Heaney records just how one day he was startled by a strange sound and was curious to learn what is was. Little did he know the horns had accumulated, in huge amounts, to seek out revenge for stealing the frogspawn. This then changes Heaney's perspective on character and no longer is he interested in nature but now fearful...

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