CREATED ON 23rd November 2017

Women's Representation in Newspapers

Representation is how people or events have been depicted in the many media outlets throughout the use of linguistic apparatus, the option of vocabulary, frequently with all the accompanying images. Frequently, the representation depends on the use of religions and cultural prejudice. The terminology employed in news reports can be utilized to represent particular groups or cultures that conform to the current stereotypes -- it is a powerful instrument where the approaches can be built, promoted or challenged. People in the information are defined by their gender, race, age, gender or faith and for that reason could be exposed to discrimination on those grounds. Mostly, the representation of certain groups in the newspapers is implicit -- that the ideology is hidden and because of this, the audience will find it even more difficult to resist the specific standpoint, particularly when their knowledge about the subject or societal group is not enough to produce their own opinion (Reah, 1998). Media provides the audience with a representation of fact which in many cases can be biased and unjust concerning utilizing generalisations, sensationalising or exaggerating the news. These methods transmit particular ideological values into the readers which can frequently have a negative effect on the way that a distinct social group is considered by the society. This informative article will explore representation of girls in the newspapers, focusing on both linguistic apparatus as well as the encoded values and messages depicted in addition to looking into the consequences on the grounds of moral issues in journalistic practices. Newspapers, in particular tabloids, are characterised by their sexualisation of popular culture and harnessing the amusement values, particularly in terms of soft news for example women (...

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