CREATED ON 23rd November 2017

Tension at the Twenties Essay

Tension from the Twenties All major societies throughout the world's history have experienced periods of major change. Tension inevitably arises because of the new surroundings in which the people today live. Our country is no exception, particularly through the era called the Roaring Twenties. Only being another decade around the timeline was not great enough to the 1920s. When its short turn arrived, it was the biggest, the loudest, and also the cleverest. A calamity gave it birth, and a calamity ended it. As a consequence of World War I, major economic, social, and political alterations were created; nevertheless more to the point, the tension that provoke due to those results would change America forever. Among the most crucial things that caused the Roaring Twenties is that the simple fact that America had only been exposed to a grisly war. During the war, much depression and anguish has been constructed by both the soldiers in Europe, and their families back home. With all this distress being built up, an explosion of patriotism and the requirement to let loose, relax and have as much pleasure as possible erupted. Throughout the timeframe, many aspects of American culture were changing, which subsequently helped to mount the growing strain. As a result of the industrialization and mass-production methods, the lifestyles of many taxpayers changed. More and more people left their rural dwellings to get an increased chance of happiness in the huge cities that were originating everywhere. This new rapid lifestyle started to deteriorate many traditional values that the more conservative people held precious. An increasing number of impressive creations that made incredible impacts on the society also happened during this time. The automobile gave adolescents greater liberty and en...

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