CREATED ON 22nd November 2017

Writer Regarding The Poetry of Robert Frost

Robert Frost was a well-known American poet born March 26, 1874, in San Francisco, California, and grew up in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He started writing poetry at age 11 years of age. His first poem was printed throughout high school and his first book of poetry was not released until he moved with his wife and children to England in 1912. Robert Frost became known as "America's Poet" because of his significance in American civilization. Even the 1920's when a lot of Frost's poems were written, marked an era noted as "The Roaring Tweenties." Since the WWI was ending, this is really a time of fundamental change, marked by events like the stock market crash, women's voting rights, along with other big world events that impacted the nation. The things happening in the world during this time had both a direct and indirect impact on those living during that era. World factors as well as private variables inspired Frost's composing and contributed with his seclusion. Frost was mentally stimulated by his surroundings in which a lot of his poems were influenced by and kept him isolated in the contemporary world. Frost has also admitted that his wife was the impact of many if not all of his poems. The significance of Frost's poems prospered throughout the 20th century and also the ideas behind his poems remain practicable to date. Frost's unique manner of writing reveals actual insight to the significance of his poems. Just as isolation and nature play an integral role in Frost's life, they are also key themes in a number of his poems. A very clear understanding of one's surroundings along with a open mind to the possibilities influenced by these environment are important contributing factors to the types of societal and historical understanding that an audience would need to.

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