CREATED ON 17th November 2017

The Significance of the Concepts of 'Convergence' and 'Localisation' for Understanding Today's International Video Games Industry?

The video games industry today has evolved, adapted and advanced radically involving vastly new and improved technology, increasing communication (on line and throughout the social aspect of gaming) and entertainment, since it emerged from the 1920's using the early pinball machines, continuing further to the 1960's, together with the first videogame known as 'Space War' made in 1962 by Steve Russell (Merino 2006) and further growing to become the successful multi billion worldwide phenomenon that it is today. It may be argued that this success and popularity has just been caused by the processes of localisation and convergence. It is believed that these ideas are an 'integral part of the development cycle' (Merino 2006), providing the videogames sector with important factors and characteristics that have influenced its development into the vast, successful and lucrative industry it's become in modern society. Video games can be described in a wide sense as 'electronic games, video games and video games' (Encyclopoedia Brittanica 2001), which range from pinball machines to handheld game consoles, used for amusement and entertainment. I am going to be discussing the significance of the two concepts, convergence and localisation and express the importance and impact they have upon us in helping us to understand today's global videogames industry. Convergence is the 'integration of the entertainment industry' (Whiteman 2010), and the assimilation and incorporation of communication, 'computing and media technologies, and hence the integration of the businesses, markets and the social interaction associated with them' (Hartley 2002: 39). It follows that technology has developed so much so that products are bec...

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