CREATED ON 17th November 2017

Article on Mary Tudor of England

Mary Tudor or Queen Mary I of England was famously known as Bloody Mary. While many believe Bloody Mary was a wicked creature, others believe she was a excellent queen due to her many accomplishments. Mary was actually a good dedicated Catholic others still to this day think she was an evil woman, but with these intriguing facts it's going to be determined that Mary was a fantastic queen. Mary Tudor of England, Born on February 18, 1516, was always a precious woman. (Gairdner) According to the article "Queen Mary": "Mary desired to reestablish the catholic faith, and return England with Rome." Queen Mary I had been very powerful, she was able to encircle "the royal household, and it had been thought right to provide Mary a institution of her own together with a council about the boundaries of Whales, for the better administration of the Marches." (Gairdner) In real life Queen Mary was actually an extremely kind hearted and joyful woman, who in fact loved music, dancing, and gossiping with her followers and court. She dressed in brightly colored fabrics and very expensive jewelry. (Eamon) According to Amy Pollick's post "Dispelling Myths about Queen", "Mary did put a solid political base." Mary had a fantastic head on her shoulders. She planned to further the peace and prosperity in England. (Pollick) Some of the things caused her to "rebel out of her dad" was him depriving her of her religion, security, and happiness for a kid. (Pearsall) From the publication "Kings and Queens" it is said that Mary married King Philip of Spain, however they had no kids. (Pearsall) "He lived in England for only a year before returning to spain." Then Mary began to bring back the old faith and religion of her time. Even though the persecutions may have been exaggerated (Gull). From the exact same so...

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