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Sea Snakes Essay

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There are approximately 70 different species of ocean snakes, and five main types, including Hydrophiids, Laticaudids, Acrochordids, Homalopsids, and the Natricids. They take into account 86% of marine reptile species inhabiting the waters. (All of the Ocean, 2001). They are venomous reptiles that live the majority of their lives in the ocean and so are so adapted compared to that environment that few species of ocean snakes can crawl on property. Their eyes are little with many having nostrils that can be found dorsally. Many species of ocean snakes grow between 120-150 cm as adults and the biggest, Hydrophis spiralis achieving up to 9.8 feet. Ocean snakes have very similar skulls to the snakes living on property, although they possess shorter fangs and as much as 18 smaller teeth in it in the mouth area (Wikipedia, 2011). The scales among ocean snakes differ between species. Unlike the terrestrial snakes which have imbricate (overlapping) scales to safeguard against abrasion, the scales of all ocean snakes that dwell at pelagic depths usually do not overlap. Reef dwelling species nevertheless, have imbricate scales to safeguard against the sharpened corals and other items on the ocean floor. The scales may be smooth, keeled, spiny or granular (Cyberlizard, 2002). Most of the species have adapted with their environment, most seen as a their paddle-like tail which has increased their swimming capability (Wikipedia, 2011). The bodies of several of the species are laterally compressed, leading to the ventral scales to be low in size, reducing their capability to crawl on property. Contrasted to the terrestrial snakes, ocean snakes tongue actions is short, since it is simpler for a snakes tongue to satisfy its olfactory function underwater. Only the forked suggestion protrudes from the mouth area through the divided notch of the rostra...

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