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Essay on Privacy in the Online

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Privacy in the Web Just how would you believe if I told you that I know almost everything there is to know about you -- from your job into the brand of toothpaste you use, from the IQ to your culinary tastes, and so on -- even though you haven't ever met with me, and maybe were not even aware of my presence? Most people would immediately state that they would feel broken, stripped of their identity. Yet millions of individuals surf the Net day after day, blissfully oblivious of the fact that they are constantly being tracked by somebody to some level. By selling you items and/or services, understands your reading tastes; your preferred online supermarket knows what kind of toothpaste you would like; your university understands what your GPA is, etc.. It does not seem at first that there's a great deal of problem in this. After all, although most of information about you is still "out there," not all of it is accessible to any given person at any given time. Or can it be? Currently, no explicit right to privacy in the U.S. Constitution is mentioned. In the case of Katz vs. U.S. (1967), it's been ruled the Fourth Amendment provides us with a "reasonable expectation of privacy," which means that the authorities must have a probable cause in order to legally monitor phone and digital communications lawfully[1]. Johnson[2] cites the Privacy Act of 1974 applies to the national government and not to private organizations (p. 115). Therefore, it might not be illegal to your grocery store and to collaborate and share information about you personally, for whatever the reason. A growing number of information about you'll be available to some (or perhaps even all) companies and individuals, gradually approaching the worst-case scenario...

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