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Essay on Autoantibodies Testing

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P63 does not function as a tumor suppressor and is rarely found in human cancer24. However, when p63 is overexpressed it functions as an oncogene by many mechanisms including: opposition of p53 function (Chen 1999), loss of E-cadherin term 25 and improvement of cell survival pathways 26. In addition, Cancer cells are influenced by ∆Np63 by many mechanisms, one of these is by encouraging the migratory behavior of cancer cells and another way is by downing the adhesion of the cells to each other27. On the flip side, the part of p 63 in creating cancers still requires more investigation. Many researchers have reported that the association of ∆Np63 with some kind of cancer. Esophageal precancerous and cancerous lesions have shown the existence of ∆Np63 28. Moreover, lip squamous cell carcinoma and actinic cheilitis showed p63 protein is constantly presented in quantitatively analyzed by immunohistochemistry29. The β catenin has oncogenic properties that is favorably influenced by ∆Np63 isotypes30. In addition, Drewelus reported that the negative impact of p63 on Wnt-regulator in tumor progression31. The dual impact of ∆Np63 on its ∆Np63 transcriptional activity has been detected in 2007 by Chu, unwanted effect can be seen when ∆Np63 amounts are few, contrarily to the positive effect when the numbers are high in nasopharyngeal carcinoma32. C) Antibodies:- Definition:They are structures created by cell cells, last kind of differentiated B cells, dependent in their globular structures they can be assigned to the globular proteins. They freely move in electrophoretic area and their skill of movement makes them attributed to у- globulins protein33. Nowadays they are called a.. .

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