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The Color Purple by Alice Walker Essay

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The Color Purple by Alice Walker The Color Purple by Alice Walker is the story of a poor black woman living in the south between World War 1 and World War 2. This was at a time when, although slavery had ended,many women were still nearly in bondage, and had to put up with several conditions that was reminiscent of the times of slavery. The problem was that they had to survive being treated as an inferior being by their own families sometimes, in addition to from the white folks that dwelt there. It was a life that was full of distress for many black girls, and they felt helpless to do anything for their situations. The book focuses mainly on a lady named Celie, who's lived a tough life already when, at the age of 14 she starts writing letters to God to get someone to confide in,and tell her thoughts and secrets to. In her first letter, she says “I have consistently been a good woman. Maybe you can give me a sign letting me know what is happening to me.” (1) Already at that age she has been taking care of her brothers and sister, and has been working very hard at trying to get something of an education. On top of this, she has been raped by her father repeatedly because, as he says, “You gonna do what your mammy wouldn’t.” (1) She has had two babies by him already, and he’s taken both of them away right after they were born. She thinks at first he might have killed one of them, but later finds out that he sold them to a couple in town. Celie doesn’t do anything about her situation, because she’s used to being treated like that. She’s scared, and she fears for her sister Nettie too, when her Pa starts looking at her the same way. Eventually, a man referred to as Mr. ______ comes along and wants to marry Nettie, but he’s too old for her, and ends up marrying Celie. He takes a couple of months to think it over, but goes ahead and marries her because he needs someone to watch over his kids, and besides, she'll bring the cow she was raising along. It’s not so much he wants a relationship, he just wants someone to take care of things for him so he doesn’t have to do much, and he wants something else when he wants it. Her father even tells Mr. ____ that “She ugly... But she ain’t no stranger to hard work. And she clean. And God fixed her. You can do everything just like you want to and she ain’t gonna make you feed it or clothe it.” (9) As soon.

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