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The Array of Feelings Associated with Enjoy in Catullus and Lesbia' Poems

The array of Feelings connected with Love in Catullus and Lesbia' Poems Of Catullus's poems, the Lesbia poems are the most memorable, especially as they comprise such a broad range of feelings and emotions. Whilst we do not know exactly what order the poems were written in, it's appealing to organize them in a progression from constant adore, to despair and confusion and finally despise. Poem 87 appears to be at the Start of the Association between Catullus and Lesbia. The symmetry of the couplets start "nulla" and ending with "mea est" highlights the thought that nobody enjoys Lesbia as much as Catullus. The positioning of "nulla" in the start of the lines provides great significance and anxieties how powerful and devoted his love to her is, emphasizing that no one is adored up to Lesbia is by Catullus. This and the direct address, "amore tuo," provides the poem a very personal feel, as if it is a love letter meant for Lesbia alone. This usage of second person address provides the reader as feeling of grabbing a glimpse or detecting the key affair between Catullus and Lesbia. The placement and enjambment of this phrase "vere" highlights that his love is true as well as the copying of "mea est" and also "a me" shows Catullus's strong loyalty and love towards her. Whilst the poem will not have an extremely lyrical sense, Catullus presents its subject matter as a statement of truth and says that nobody is as faithful to Lesbia as himself. There is a slight amount of self-righteousness as he appears to be more obsessed with his own loyalty, but he's clearly distressed that his attempts have not been appreciated or reciprocated by Lesbia and his sentime...

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