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The Representation and Function of Both Public and Private Spaces Essay

In this essay we will analyse what methods Agnès Varda utilized in Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse and also Les Plages d’Agnès to underline the important theme of private and public spaces. It has been done through four important areas: setting, audio, camera mode and the use of interviews to concentrate on individuals. Additionally, to fully engage with this question we first need to have an understanding of what private and public space is. Public area is a social space that's generally open and available to all². Private or private area is a place surrounding an individual that they regard as theirs, and it has a profound effect on their personal experiences and identity². In the of Agnès Varda's films she uses setting to obscure private and public spaces, but especially in les Plages d’Agnès. She utilizes this procedure to challenge the audience's perceived perception that both public and private spaces are distinct from one another. By way of instance, at Les Plages d’Agnès she uses the setting of shores, which you would normally connect with a public room, and makes it a personal space by using mirrors and talking about her own personal experiences in her lifetime to convince the viewer that this shore is a private area for her. As an example, in one specific scene at Les Plages d’Agnès, Varda writes out her birth name of Arlette and then explains why she changed her title to Agnès. Whilst she's discussing this the sea washes away her name Arlette just like she did. This provides us the impression which Varda is manipulating the setting of the shore a public space in order to communicate her personal experiences and also make it a private space because of her. This blurs the viewer's interpretation of what's a public of private space. As Varda says, "If we opened me up we would find...

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