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Article about Darkness Visible by William Styron

To Educate or to Advocate? When I first set out to propose a job, I wasn't certain what topic I wished to beat. Therefore, I quickly jumped once the professor suggested studying the memoir, "Darkness Visible" by William Styron. I've enjoyed all the class readings so far, I even did my final project on a different memoir, and thought that reading a brand new perspective regarding mental illness would be inspirational and engaging. Regrettably, I began reading "Darkness Visible" with preconceived notions and erroneously presumed that this memoir, such as "The Last Time I Wore a Dress" from Daphne Scholinski, could be full of charismatic descriptions of life at a mental clinic and also the activities (or lack there of) encompassing day-to-day life. Upon finishing the memoir, I discovered several differences that certainly differentiate the two from one another, and I will talk about them below to the best of my capability. My first thought was to dissect the gaps between the memoirs by answering this question: Why can it be that these two writers tell their tales so otherwise? With this kind of a frequent thread, why do the parallel avenues not intersect? The conclusions I have drawn surround two phrases; educate and urge. I feel it's the purpose and goal behind every one of these memoirs that compels the writers to delve into these distinct styles. Likewise, they hold various views about depression, the disorder they both suffer from. With dissimilar convictions and beliefs, how can I assume their stories are the same time their roots are so distinct? That said, I believe that Scholinski has only goal. Her objective is to advocate. She intends to advocate for people who can't talk for themselves; to inform the injury she experienced in hopes of help...

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