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Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë Essay

Through the history of literature, there have been numerous tragic lovers: Daisy and Jay from The Great Gatsby and Hamlet and Ophelia from Hamlet are only two examples. But they are no additional couple as tragic as Heathcliff and Catherine of Wuthering Heights. The two lovers' souls are one and the same, however they were born worlds apart. Heathcliff, a servant at Wuthering Heights, can never have Catherine, his mistress. The hopelessness of his situation drives Heathcliff from anger and frustration, to tyranny, and ultimately to madness. The 1939 launch of the movie version of Wuthering Heights demonstrates this motif tremendously. The mise-en-scène of this 1939 release of Wuthering Heights demonstrates the theme of this publication, the unfairness of their social caste system, even better than the book does. The first scene in the film that demonstrates the difference between the planet Cathy wants and the world she has with Heathcliff is when both go to spy on Thrushcross Grange, home of the Linton family. The two peer in the window of the manor while their neighbours are appreciating a chunk. Catherine sighs and asks Heathcliff, "Isn't it wonderful? . That's the sort of dress I will wear. And you'll put on a red velvet coat with silver buckles on your shoes. Oh, Heathcliff, will we? Can we ?" (Wuthering Heights). Heathcliff and Catherine spy the Linton's ball. Heathcliff only remains silent in response; he understands he cannot give her wish with what he has now. This scene shows how powerless Heathcliff at the moment: he wants nothing more than for Catherine to be joyful, yet he knows he cannot give her happiness. What Catherine desires is your life of a gentlewoman, like the ladies dancing at the Lintons' ball. Being a.

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