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CREATED ON 12th April 2018

Essay on Threat to Internet Privacy

Threat to Internet Privacy Abstract At what level is Internet surveillance by the USA government acceptable to society, contemplating that a balance between security and privacy, what are the short and long term implications, and how can it affect the rest of the world. Introduction Privacy from authorities has been under attack increasing amounts in the previous 100 decades. Technology has altered the concept, as before we'd radios, phones, wiretaps, video cameras, someone would really must trespass to violate your privacy. As an instance, you would need to actually be in someone?s home to eavesdrop on her or his conversation without technological aid[1]. Privacy protection can be looked at as just how far society could intrude into a person?s personal affairs. Technological advances create the capacity more and more to snoop or invade privacy without detection. Allowed, letters have always been opened and conversations overheard, but with technologies, the potential for privacy has diminished. If we are sitting in our living room, our cell phone can give away our location; video cameras may be recording our actions throughout the windows; and distant microphones can be recording our conversation. Before computers and the world wide web, you could collect sensitive information on someone, but the ability to divulge gigantic amounts of data on a large number of people was beyond possible as a result of huge manual labour involved. Computers change this limitation, as computers have the capability to process enormous quantities of data. Computers can also tie information together in an impartial and systematic way that can result in invasions of privacy. Take for example the situation wh...

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