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Freedom of Religious Expression in the American Military Essay

Freedom of religion is among the most fundamental rights that Americans possess. Freedom faith isn't only cited in the Bill of Rights, however it is contained in the very first of those rights. The founding fathers recognized this as very significant to the American public as many colonists had come into the New World to escape religious persecution in Europe. In the usa, the mindset is moving more in the attitude of acceptance to one of mere tolerance and even disdain in some instances. The people and a few leaders are denying lots of their constitutionally guaranteed right to free exercise of religion. The army is 1 arena where all these rights are being denied quite often. The American army is growing more and more aggressive toward expression of religious beliefs, particularly Christianity. The hostilities continue even though the Constitution protects freedom of expression, and the courts have reaffirmed that servicemen and women may freely express their religious beliefs without fear of negative impacts on their livelihood. Much of the controversy over religious liberty from the army rests in the question of whether or not allowing religion in the military is the "establishment" of faith which violates the First Amendment. The official position of the DoD on faith in the military is "the DoD puts a high value on the rights of members of the Military Services to observe that the tenets of their individual religions or to detect no religion whatsoever" (Dominguez 2). Additionally, it claims that worship practices, holy days, and other spiritual observances "will be accommodated to the extent possible consistent with mission accomplishment" (Dominguez 8). The Supreme Court ruled in Marsh v. Chambers that prayer opening sessions in congress.

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