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St. Lucy's House for Girls Raised by Wolves, by Karen Russel Essay

Whether you would like to acknowledge it or not, change is a difficult and not to mention embarrassing experience that we all must survive at one stage in our lives. A concept which everybody should know is that change does not occur immediately, for it occurs overtime. It is essential for time to pass in order to get a change to happen, be it days, weeks, months, or several years. The main character, who's also the narrator of "St. Lucy's Home for Women Raised by Wolves", recognizing that "things felt less foreign in the darkened" (Russell 225), knows that she is going to be subject to change quite soon. The author makes it evident to readers who the narrator is in a brand new environment as the story begins. This odd short story about women raised by wolves being educated by nuns to be more human in nature is a symbol for spiritual, as the girls are forced to create significant changes in their own lives so as to fit in with their new surroundings and adapt to a different culture. A language barrier is a significant disadvantage to individuals who are overseas to a particular culture or place. The variances of languages can make it even harder for people to adapt to new cultures and environments. The girls raised by wolves within this story face this barrier after they move in the environment of wild animals to a surroundings of civilized human beings. In "St. Lucy's Home for Women Raised by Wolves", the women are forced to learn the language since they just understand how to talk "the Wolf". Even the narrator, whose English name is Claudette, explains how "we [the women] were all uncomfortable and involving languages." (Russell 229).) According to the narrator, "it took me [her] a very long time to say whatever; original I [she] had to translate it into my [her] head from...

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