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The Esssence of Rebirth and Death in Literature Essay

The gist of Rebirth and Death in Literature Literature has always been a powerful way for individuals to share their thoughts, opinions, and feelings. Authors frequently use literature to portray aspects of society that can affect a person or woman's life. In the tales, "The Horse Dealer's Daughter," Life in the Iron Mills, "Barbie Doll," as well as The Awakening the girls of the tales do not seem to adapt to social expectations. The inadequacy of the women of those stories to Fulfill the view of society has direct to either a rebirth or finally a drive to suicide. At D.H. Lawrence's "The Horse Dealer's Daughter," rebirth is a central theme of the narrative. Lawrence uses his principal character, Mabel, to take part in this transformation. Mabel's role in society is characterized by the passing of her mother, her father's occupation, as the name suggests, and the way her life is changed by the death of her father. She finds herself alone, her family in ruins, and all of her cash. She's constantly being driven by her siblings to come to terms with that which she is going to be doing with the remainder of her lifetime. Her brothers are eager to make sure that she or someone else takes responsibility for her entire life. Mabel feels the strain of having to prove herself. She's impassive and virtually paralyzed with fear about her potential. It is because of her unappeasable life that she seeks a way to find fulfillment. The only way she believes she could pursue this is to be reunited with her beloved mother. If she goes to the graveyard in which her mom is buried she communicates with her shears, a sponge, and scrubbing brushes to wash out the headstone and at a way prepares herself for her own death. While she's in the grave sight Dr. Ferguson passes by. He is moved by the way she takes responsibility for her mum's plot. At this time he understands how in touch she's with the nonliving world. One analyst says, "His quick (living) eyes sees her glancing the tomb like spellbound, and he is touched by her conjunction with the area of death" (Meyers 347). At exactly the same moment Mabel with her own life in ruins, her parents gone, her brothers near striking out on his own, and all her financial resources gone, decides it would be better to be with her mother by taking her life. She plans to do this by drowning herself.  ...

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