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Fading Christian Relevancy Exposed by Sallie McFague Essay

My first encounter with Sallie McFague's post was jarring: her eco-feminist metaphorical approach to theology is very unexpected to those unfamiliar with Religious Studies. Nevertheless I guess I have misjudged much of the area of study by unfairly coming to anticipate either entirely traditional or wholly radical claims. McFague's strategy, however, seems comparatively reasonable and moderate in all its assertions, and its neo-Derridian deconstruction had my inner cultural analyst exploding with enthusiasm. Aching to break away from the patriarchical tyranny of classical Christian theology, she's committed to a radical facelift of traditional Christian dogma. Initially I wondered as to her reasons: was that this deconstruction fueled with a second-wave feminist desire to overthrow patriarchy, or the wishes of a tree-hugging ecologist on a mission to save the natural world (as indicated by her book's title, Theology for an Ecological, Nuclear Age)? Apparently . It's after the first few paragraphs which McFague brings clear relevancy for her writing. She asserts that the common interpretation of Jesus' resurrection serves to negate God's omnipresence. Traditionally it is known that the revival represents a "private, bodily translation into a different world" (259) though which you can combine the Savior. Thus while anticipating a later holistic reunion with God, one's earthly, bodily gift is in "between-time", in limbo, inducing God in time and space. Thus McFague fears such an interpretation for its indirect implications: God, then, is not 'omnipresent' -- He's only partly, selectively present. (260) She proposes, then, the revival tale no longer be held as a mythology of transcendence, but instead as a "guarantee of G.. .

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