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Article on 1 Kings

1 Kings Introduction In 1 Kings 18-19 we are introduced into a few of the most charming men in the Bible, and also to one of the best miracles. In addition to Moses and Jesus, Elijah is among the Terrific miracle workers of Earth. Elijah used miracles to bring Israel up from shambles, if only for a moment. In addition, he showed extreme beliefs and persistence in the face of chances. But the genuine nature of Elijah lies within his title, which really means, "Yahweh is the God (Anderson 246)." Prelude to The Contest In order to comprehend chapters 18 and 19 of 1 Kings, one has to get some history on its main character. In 1 Kings 17, we are initially introduced to Elijah. At the moment, Israel is just one of its lowest points. King Ahab and Queen Jezebel weren't only endorsing the worship of Baal; they were hoping to wipe out all worship of Yahweh (Stafford 388). Additionally, one of Ahab's men rebuilt the town of Jericho, which will be strictly forbidden in Joshua 6:23. Out of this defiance of Yahweh climbs the prophet Elijah. At a rejection of Baal, the god of weather, he also proclaimed that "there would be neither dew nor rain within the upcoming few years except at my sentence (1 Kings 17:1)." Because of this proclamation, Elijah had turned into a wanted man. It's at this point that we view the very first indication of the relationship between Elijah and Yahweh. Yahweh tells Elijah to flee east of the Jordan, and for the subsequent few years he lives a life on the course (Stafford 388). The Contest With these occasions of 1 Kings 17 as our foundation, we can now look to chapters 18 and 19. Following three years in town, Yahweh tells Elijah to visit Ahab. In his way, even Elijah matches one of Ahab's servants, Obadiah. Obadiah was a devout follower of Yahweh, and'd sav...

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