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John Cheever's The Swimmer Essay

The atmosphere of "The Swimmer" is in the suburbs, describing the aquatic adventure of Neddy, an energetic and joyous father and husband. After attending a cocktail party, he determined that he would swim his whole way home via different swimming pools. Through his experiences, the protagonist makes a great discovery that his marriage life is a superb lie. The journey from the cocktail party to his house converts him from a vibrant man to an old impoverished guy whose life is in a major crisis. Since he arrives at his home, he finds his children and wife have left him. Various settings intertwine to showcase the middle class crisis that he was undergoing. In this perception, the placing of this narrative clearly defines the ignorance that people have. Neddy for instance has been believing that he's got a happy household, something that actually surprises the reader that discovers that the protagonist does not come into terms with the new reality of life (Cheever 93). The considerably fictitious life of Neddy depicts the struggles that many extravagant folks undergo. In middle course situations, most parents are constantly in Neddy's case in which they wrongly think that their economic prosperity is equivalent to their marital success. This isn't normally the fact because most parents normally, find that the further financial success that they enjoy, the more marital issues that they go through. In this sense, there is a similarity between the physical journey of Neddy along with the genuine marital life travel. In his passing through the swimming pools, then it will become possible to establish the clouded character of Neddy's memory, which adversely influenced his approach to life. His collapse in remembering substantial facet regarding his neighbor reveals the numerous...

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