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CREATED ON 11th April 2018

Violence in Video Games Essay

Video games have significantly changed since their initial appearance in the early 70s with games like Pong and Asteroid. From involving largely just contours, video games have evolved into whole worlds of their own that sometimes look extremely realistic. It has made the ever growing violence in games look more and more picture as games continue to look better. Today while many violent games have ratings put on those who prohibit them for children, children still manage to get their hands on them. These violent video games, that children should not be playing, must have an impact on them. Thus violent video games may result in a rise in negative behaviour in children. According to Greenberg(2007), the first look of violence in a video game is usually thought to be from the match Death Race 2000. This game was released in 1976 and in it the participant is driving an automobile and he has to run over gremlins to get things. Whenever he runs them over they shout and then a tombstone looks in which their body has been. As the game progresses the player must dodge the ever-increasing number of tombstones due to all the gremlins he's murdered. This match was quite controversial to say the least as many supporters could call the plot disturbing and unkind. However, this violence was nothing in comparison with this picture violence released in Mortal Kombat in 1992. This was the first game to utilize such graphic violence and the whole series is still regarded as some of the most violent video games now. The blood and gore in this game was unheard of at the moment, causing an outrage amongst parents and news resources equally. This game has also become the subject of multiple court cases and it also lead to the creation of the ESRB , the board that rates video ga.. .

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