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Essay about Capitalism Isn't Lifeless

This essay shall attest the point that capitalism isn't dead. Capitalism, really, has brought on successes, such as market failures. A capitalist economy is a market that allocates resources throughout the principal decisions of many firms and households since they interact in markets for goods and services. Centrally planned economies don't bring in choices of firms and household, thus ignoring what many buyers need and sellers wish to sell. A centrally planned economy does not promote the efficiency of a market, but tries to address the issue of equity. But, Adam Smith created an important observation That Was illustrated in his book-- An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Wealth of Nations. This monitoring is that "households and companies that interact with market economies act as though they're guided by an "invisible hand" which leads the market to allocate resources efficiently." The prices agreed upon by buyers and sellers leads to a more favorable outcome that's a gain in the well-being of a society (Mankiw 83-85). Markets are generally a great way to organize economic activity, however, market failure can result if the economy doesn't allocate funds effectively, therefore, resulting in government intervention. The government enforces rules to assist in preventing market failure. A significant affect the government plays in a market economy is enforcing property rights so an individual can own and control scarce resources. The government provides police and courts to enforce people's rights on products and services generated or possessed by an individual. Market failure could be caused by an externality, that is the impact of a single person or business's activities about the well-being of a bystander, or market power, that is the capacity of an sin...

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