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Essay about Obsolete Suggestions in Chekhov's Ghosts and The Cherry Orchard

"Life's slipped by just like I had never lived in all" - These are the last words of Firs as he lies sick after all have abandoned him at the orchard. As a fervent follower of defunct theories, he is unable to take the fact that what he preaches is what attracted him to his own ruin. Rather, he blindly blames the "young people", a somewhat ironic announcement. After a life of servile and selfless devotion, his descendants have left him behind. Firs's death is symbolic of how the Ranevsky family are now leaving behind most of the defunct theories which had taken them over. From the more realistic world it may signify the real end of this feudal Russian method of life. Within this conversation, I will be speaking about obsolete ideas as seen at the drama Ghosts and The Cherry Orchard. ¬Obsolete thoughts are outdated and primitive notions of life that are no longer applicable in their respective societies but are still followed by a few. Though they've lost absolute value in society, most people still cling on to them having a solid vehemence. Ibsen and Chekov expose the defects of those societies they come in, intending to raise awareness from the societies. The purpose of these plays could be to let us know the old and conventional views of the commoners and the laymen of Europe. Both writers use just one family as an endeavor to reveal the microscopic changes occurring in society into a macroscopic level. Therefore, the families of Mrs. Ranevsky and Mrs. Alving could be viewed as a microcosm of both Russia and Norway at the time. Ibsen wrote Ghosts in the form of a social-political work bringing out different perspectives through characters. Pastor Manders formed the mouthpiece of the society representing the societal standards, while Oswald and Mrs. Alving have modern ou...

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