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The Negative Effects of Prenatal Testing Statistics

Prenatal tests reveal the possibility of a kid having a genetic disease, such as Down Syndrome that leads many parents to choose abortion. When it comes to prenatal testing there are many different testing options. Screening tests for example, which are the first tests which are done on the embryo. During the first ten to thirteen weeks of a pregnancy, a woman can get a first trimester screening done. This is an ultrasound and maternal blood test that assesses for the genes of Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18. At a first trimester screening, a result of 1/50 signifies a girl has a 2% chance of having a baby with a chromosome disorder (The Facts on Prenatal Testing). The next testing window is that the fifteenth -- twentieth week of pregnancy. This really is a Quad screening and is made up of a maternal blood check the looks for Down Syndrome, Trisomy 1, and neural tube defects in the fetus. In this test there's a 5 percent false positive rate (The Truth About Prenatal Testing). Lastly, from the screening test options is the body ultrasound, which can be done eighteenth-twenty-second weeks to pregnancy. This screening is a ultrasound that assesses for birth defects. Screening tests are non-invasive and therefore leave very few negative impacts on the fetus. The vast majority of the paper will concentrate on the more invasive tests, such as diagnostic evaluations. Diagnostic tests tell a girl if her infant is influenced with a chromosomal disorder. These tests can detect disorders beyond only Trisomy 21 and Trisomy 18, which is exactly what the screening tests concentrate on, but those tests are dangerously invasive. Chronic villus sampling is your initial diagnostic test offered to a woman. This evaluation is done between the tenth and twelfth weeks of pregnancy. In chronic...

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