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Essay on French Indian War

The Indian and French Battle The French and Indian battle raged from 1754 to 1763. Its roots started a long time before the first shot was fired, about a century before between your French and the English. The French and Indian War had not been fought between your French and the Indians, however the two allied with the Canadians against the English. It had been the catalyst for the Seven Years Battle, from 1756-1763, that was brought over into European countries, the Carnatic Wars, and it eventually result in the American Revolution. By the late 1600’s to the start of the 1700’s, the colonization of the America’s by the English have been reaping great rewards. The English managed a lot of the eastern seaboard, and were extremely interested into additional expansionism. The English often moved in to the French territory and claimed the land as theirs. The French had founded a huge area from Louisiana south to Canada to the north bordering the Spaniards left and the English to the proper. The French had little frontier villages with adequate property for the English to consider. The French utilized their property for the same reasons the English utilized theirs, for trade and manifest destiny. Nevertheless the French had been frontier trappers who transferred and settled in small numbers rather than farmers, as the English had been. For this reason the French made an excellent repor with the Indians, which appeared to be throughout and the neighboring frontiersmen in Canada to the north. It had been nearly customary for a Frenchman to wed an Indian female to reinforce trade agreements and the use of land and also an interpreter/instruction. As the English colonizers started to broaden into and around the French territory very much quarreling arose and disputes over whose property it certainly was just put into the fire. The French began to build forts along their territory’s boarder. The French combined with the Indians lead attacks against the English until they moved out of their territory. They French set up a fort known as Fort Le Boeuf down river from Fort Duquesne following to lake Erie simply; this is already claimed as English territory. England sent Major George Washington to the spot of Fort Duquesne to thwart the French from further expansion and also to expel the from the region. While on a patrol for the French, Main Washington discovered a little band of Frenchmen, which he had taken for scouts. Main Washington ordere...

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Outlined through this essay will be two sociological theories which were investigated this will likely be in association with a modern day health issue. This kind of then will probably be related to how a individual's way of living and social class to have the reader a better understanding of this health issue.Functionalism perspective could be the first sociological theory examined. Functiolism is one of the earliest sociological perspectives Emile Durkheim (1858-1917)..
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