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Wilson’s Opinion on Women’s Suffrage Essay

Women’s suffrage was an enormous controversy in the 1920s. A lot of women wanted the proper to vote and their tone of voice to be heard. This is the time where in fact the flappers were doing his thing. Women loud were, bold, and daring. All they needed was equivalent rights; they wanted equivalent pay, and voting rights mainly. During this right time, President Wilson was in office. Wilson received the presidential election because of his take on women’s suffrage; he was against it completely. ("President Woodrow Wilson Picketed by women Suffragists.") However, his opponent, Roosevelt, backed women’s Suffrage. Throughout his period, his office, his watch transformed ("President Woodrow Wilson Picketed by Ladies Suffragists."). Wilson’s view on women’s suffrage changed but positively throughout his time dramatically. There were four significant reasons why this occurred. First, The ladies suffragists paraded with large events that could move the president’s look at. They picketed beyond your White home. (Goldstein, Leslie F.) Also, many suffragists like Alice Paul would proceed as far as food cravings strikes to show that women’s voting is really important. Lastly, they influenced the men within their family. The parade of 1913, picketing, hunger strikes, and women’s affect on men in congress influenced the President’s change in opinion for a positive acceptance of women’s suffrage, passing the 19th Amendment. On March 3, 1913, the Parade of 1913 occurred on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. (Harvey, Sheridan). Women from around collected in Washington to be a part of this large event. Alice Paul, who was simply mixed up in suffrage movement strongly, organized the function. The parade was made up of twenty floats, four installed brigades, nine bands and a efficiency by the end of the parade (Har...

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American Food, In the event you Try It You have to DietEvery country consumes food there is absolutely no question there but what the actual U. S. such an obese country that it has a stereotype penalized large? The usa is a gold standard for countries around the globe to look up to and it is a middle for universe trade making it a very speed country wherever people usually do not seem to have time to consume a proper food. The American diet is extremely different than individuals in other..
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