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Writer on Fame at Djerassi's Cantor's Dilemma

Dreams of Fame at Djerassi's Cantor's Dilemma   Opportunistic scientists, even the many hypocritical deviants of the contemporary age, revolve around the scientific approach, or at least they had to. The scientific method after involved formulating a hypothesis from an issue posed, experimentation, and forming a decision that best explained the data collected. However today, individuals who are prepared to review the work of the peers are themselves performing the scientific way from order. I suggest that scientists, and the "treasure hunters" of that field, are no more thinking about permanent solutions, attained through appropriate use of the scientific method, and instead are more interested in solutions which guarantee fame and fortune. Fame and fortune as a motive for scientific discovery is a favorite subject in literary writing, notably at Cantor's Dilemma by Carl Djerassi. Cantor's Dilemma is a publication of the battles of two scientists through life along with a Nobel Prize "effort". As one gets deeper into the circumstance of this publication, one discovers it similar to that of a political race, even a fight for glory. As an instance, that the "Cantor-Stafford experiment", the first tumorigenesis experiment analyzed from the publication, wasn't validated before its findings were published. This case fails to fulfill the standards of the scientific method because a conclusion was attained before experimentation was fully implemented. Surely any true scientist would understand such decisions to be unsuitable rather than "Nobel" worthy. However, Cantor and Stafford, the two, won a Nobel Prize for their work. Kurt Krauss in Cantor's Dilemma, an opportunistic scientist, is that the extreme of scientific deviance. As a fellow scientist and also a rival, Krauss is charged with the responsibility of ch...

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