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The Tragic Existence of Hagar Depicted in Margaret Lawrence's The Rock Angel

In the story, The Rock Angel, by Margaret Lawrence, the writer constructs the primary personality, Hagar, with a deep, exclusive character. The trip through Hagar’s lifestyle starts in a cemetery in the summer time where the flowers hanged, the disrespectful blowing wind blew, and once and a even though, the fragrance of the cowslips would rise. The flowers and graveyard appear to act as a parallel between the good and bad events of Hagar’s life. Margaret Lawrence describes the struggles and obstacles this tragic hero has to face through the mistakes of the past and the problems of the present. Hagar’s personality is normally extremely solid because she challenges with feelings with the cultural people around her. We can see this because she tries not to show emotion when her father slaps her hand but didn’t want to let him see her cry. She also rejected to keep her declining sibling because she didn’t need to display dread and represent her mom, Hagar mentioned “I can’t, I’m not really a little like her”. Instead of trying to handle her problems, she operates aside from them producing her weaker, both and mentally physically. The reader can relate to Hagar’s life problems about aging strongly, marriage, and family disputes since the feelings she expresses are feelings many people experienced. As Hagar goes out her complications, she produces a hurdle through her very own wall structure of power and refuses to allow anybody break through it. This barrier represents her free will and the encounters in the past that shapes her current character in the novel. Hagar’s life is tragic and depressing due to how she was raised and the social people she communicated with. Her father was a bad example of a good parent. Down deep, her dad most most likely wished Hagar to possess a great existence, but proceeded to go as well considerably and do...

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