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Essay Black Mirror

Growing up as a Negro in the South in the early 1900's is just not that simple, for many people today tend to suffer various types of oppression. In this instance, it takes place in the autobiography called Black Boy composed by Richard Wright. The book is set in the early part of the 1900's, somewhere in profound Jim Crow South. Richard Wright, who is obviously the principal character, is also the protagonist. The antagonist is no one person particularly, for it takes many diverse types called "oppression" generally. The main character over comes with this "oppression" by rebelling against the usual roles of the shameful, Jim Crow society. Richard Wright's character was affected in early youth by the consequences of social oppression, however, he became a wonderful American writer despite these negative factors in his own life. Today everyone encounters some form of oppression. One of the kinds Richard is encountering is called social oppression. For example, after Richard sees a "black" boy summoned with a "white" man, he asks his mom why did the incident occur. His mom states, " 'The "white" man did not whip up the "black" boyHe beat the "black" boy, ' "(31). This quotation is showing racism, which can be one method of society maintaining Richard Wright, along with all other blacks in the South down. Another instance is when is in the rail road station along with his mother, and as they're waiting for the train, he sees something he has never noticed, "for the very first time I noticed that there were two lines of people in the ticket window, even a "white" line and a "black" line," (55). This excerpt is showing this scene of Jim Crow legislation is keeping a certain group of people apart, which is also another kind of social oppression. Social oppression occurs again when Richard is "dangling" out along with his buddies, and their conversation with each other leads on to the subject of war. One of his friends really enter the topic and says, " 'Yeah, they also send you to war, so make you lick them Germans, teach you how you can fight and when you come back they scared of you,' "(90). This quote means that the "white" individuals put the "black" individuals on the front line to defend the country, and if they return, it's impossible for them to accept them, so they oppress them in various ways, which.

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