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The Yellow Wall-Paper

In the “The Yellow Wall-paper,” the writer, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, writes in regards to a struggling mentally ill girl, named Jane, attempting to sort out her individuality and her personal depression. This whole tale is normally centered around her bedroom, her state of mind, and the yellowish wall-paper on the wall space in her room. The reader can feel the pain, anguish, despair, and struggles of a female going right through a depressive condition. Gilman writes about the average person succession of the woman’s state of mind through the disarray of the patterned yellowish wall-paper. The theme of feminism is usually exposed by the primary characters usage of language, her emotions of inferiority, mental struggles, and anger. The vocabulary of the narrator in this whole tale is repressive to ladies, right from the start and all of the real way to the finish of the story. In the very beginning of the story, the language of the narrator appears in a few ways. The ill female is certainly forbidden by her hubby to create in her journal until she actually is well, to pay for the increased loss of work. She seems constricted by her spouse to speak and writes in a concealed journal freely. Gilman writes “I'd not say it to a full time income soul, of course, but that is dead paper and an excellent relief to my mind” (808). Sad and accurate, but she doesn’t believe that she can inform her hubby how she actually feels and “the just safe language is lifeless language” (Theichler 61). The vocabulary of male judgment and control is predominant in the very beginning of the whole story too. Her brother and husband both are physicians, diagnose her with a nervous condition, and both believe she'll be fine with medicine and rest. The men in her life believe she ought never to work, plus they emphasize that she “take phosphates or phosphites - whichever it really is - and tonics, and journeys,...

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