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The Interesting Emperor Penguins Essay

The Fascinating Emperor Penguins One of the many different species of birds on the planet one particular type stands out from them all. Even the emperor penguin reigns among the most interesting and unknown creatures in scientists' heads. The way that they conform and blend into the cold environment, even during the harshest state, underlines the uniqueness of these spectacular creatures. Scientists are captivated by the awesome reproductive lives of their Emperor penguins, who live and behave in a way unlike any other creature on earth. Emperor penguins have cautioned researchers and scientists for many years because of their unconventional procedures of mating amongst each other in extreme and some times harmful weather conditions. Under normal conditions any other creature wouldn't be able to live in the intense weather conditions that encircle the penguins. Antarctica, where the penguins call home, is the coldest surroundings called the earth. (Oeland 56) The breeding of this penguins begins in March as soon as the ice is simply starting to harden underneath. In this time period, scientists are mystified at the audacity of their penguins to stay in the south instead of leopard seals and Adelie penguins that traveling northward to warmer weather conditions. But, although the penguins themselves create get chilled, then they keep their chicks at a wonderful warm temperature. The whites and eggs are incubated in a continuous 98.8 degrees farenheight, and if a toddler chick is from their parents' warmth for more than two minutes it can freeze to death. These harsh conditions intensify the threat and mystery of the penguins. The most intriguing component of this Emperor penguins is the unique breeding fashion which sets them aside from any other creature in the world. The entire process begins with a weeklong "courtship" session through the coldest weeks of this year. Unlike almost all other varieties of creatures, the female initiates the breeding procedure instead of the male penguin. Any kind of communication performed between the female and male is strictly audible. Even the penguins rely heavily on their acute sense of hearing and speech. The true mating sequence occurs in the dead of chilly, and that astonishes many scientists and researchers. Following the fertilization is via the female places softball sized egg, and leaves to go search for food for two weeks. It is.

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