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Explication of Touring in the Dark Essay

In existence there are many situations where one is normally confronted with a problem, a scenario where a person can really discover which path their ethical compass actually factors. In those brief moments, choices are made that can either lead one to the place they always knew they were headed or someone can find out their motives are not as pure as they originally thought. In William Stafford’s Journeying through the dark the narrator is normally experienced with one of those situations coping with morality where a decision must end up being produced relating to a deceased carcass. Primarily, the narrator offers no qualms about what should end up being completed about the deer, but upon additional inspection he understands that there is definitely even more to the deer than fulfills the eyes. As the title suggest, the narrator is making his way down a “dark” road alone with little light to guide him along. By selecting the term “dark” and various other powerful phrase choices, Stafford creates an environment of question and misunderstandings in the narrator’s options throughout the composition: his choice to end, his choice to move the deer into the water, and his choice of human life ultimately. In the first stanza, the environment is definitely referred to by the narrator in which the composition will take place. He is driving along “traveling through the dark” (1). This collection acts as the name of the composition also. The scene in which it all takes places is on the edge of a dark road. The night pertains to the uncertainness of what is certainly however to arrive. Broadly speaking, what is to come in life and more particularly the fate of the dead deer. The narrator notices the dead dear, its position on the “edge of the Wilson River road”. The component of a useless deer on the roadside appeared trite to the narrator as if it occurred quite frequently. “It all is normally greatest to move them into the canyon” (3),.

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