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CREATED ON 9th April 2018

Article About The Truth About Foster Care

Following the television turned into a household item, Americans celebrated the traditional family. Everywhere a man seemed, they'd come across the normal husband and wife with 2.5 kids. Even presidential candidates oozed the essence of a perfect household (Coontz, 2011). Though the traditional family is shifting, 1 competitor stands to challenge the whole family family: foster care. The concept of putting a child who's suffered from neglect or abuse isn't new. Back in 1853, Loring Brace took notice of the increased variety of kids living on the streets and thus started the first non profit foster residence (Chittom & Wagner, n.d.). Research indicates that 399,436 kids were in foster care throughout 2012. Over one-fourth of these children were placed with non-relative nurture families (Children’s Bureau, 2013). Although foster care is a positive application, it highlights the destruction of the perfect American family from the USA. Despite the foster care system’s existence since the twentieth century, it wasn't employed much since the ideal American family was intact. Social policy will dismiss what they don't publicize. Kids of immigrants were frequently out on the road searching for work. They were sent on "orphan trains" and delivered out west. Back in the 1800s, no one spoke about any sexual abuse children might have endured in their journey west west. A number of the slight issues in the early system were dealt with, but the reason for the system still existed. Families could not take kids in and supply for them because of reduced income. Shortly, the authorities started to offer money (George & Walker, n.d.). Consequently, people realized that the ideal American family does not exist if money needs to be provided to keep children o.. .

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