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CREATED ON 5th April 2018

A Case for Sex Instruction in Pakistani Educational Institutions Essay

Pakistani society has ever been a conventional one; one which can be vehemently opposed to any new ideals or propositions which even remotely challenge the status quo of society. 1 such problem, that was gaining in prominence- and inciting often violent reactions from the process-, is that the controversial problem of sex education. In the traditional Pakistani society, gender tops the list of topics which are mostly shunned and regarded as taboo. Globalisation, which has resulted in widespread dominion of the Western civilization and promoted freedom of speech and expression, has been shown to be pivotal in breaking through this age-old taboo and inciting the controversial debate concerning sex education in Pakistan. Although lots of Pakistanis oppose the induction of sex education in academic institutions that are educational, it's nevertheless undeniable that in the light of the modern world and its related problems, sex education ought to be made an integral component of the curriculum of all educational institutions since it helps to tackle rapidly spreading sexually transmitted diseases, eliminates misconceptions and confusions regarding basic sexual procedures and practices and helps alleviate sex related problems within our society. The period of adolescence is one of fresh experiences and experiences. The period of puberty, as well as the hormonal changes which accompany it, can be quite confusing for many teenagers. Often, this leads to immature and unwise choices with regard to one’s sexual lifestyle and well-being. Even after the age of puberty, absence of knowledge regarding sexual matters can be very harmful- occasionally even deadly. The rapid spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) across the world has very aptly illustrated the devastating.

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