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Allegory Essay

Allegory Plato's The Allegory of the Cave is really a brief story especially discussing the contrasts between the darkness that the prisoners sees on the wall of the cave, and the illusion, which extends off as truth in today\'s culture. The Allegory of the Cave is about Socrates teaching his student, Glaucon, certain principles of life by telling him among his allegories. The Allegory of the Cave can be translated in several ways; one method is to make a contrast between the narrative and the means of thinking by individuals in a society that is closed. Socrates says that the cave is a world most of us would love to see, but isn't really the way the world is. It's almost like the movie \"The Matrix\", in which Neo, the main role is to discover that the planet he lives in, isn't the true world, but a universe generated by computers and machines. Only in Socrates\' allegory, the world isn't created by computers, but by human minds. Socrates wants Glaucon to become a wiser, better-educated guy, that will later come to be a ruler of the State. He needs him to understand not just the proper, but also experience the incorrect, because only a guy who knows the bad, can really understand and appreciate the great. Socrates does so by telling him a story, to allow him better understand the principles of life. Men are chained down into a cave and have a wall blocking their view to the outside world. The prisoners may just see the shadows of these objects on the opposite side of the wall. In the event the offenders see the shadows of all the guys.

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