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The Black Cat Investigation Essay

Edgar Allen Poe's short story The Black Cat immerses the reader into the mind of a alcoholic. Poe himself suffered from alcoholism and frequently showed erratic behavior with violent outburst. Poe is famous because of his American Gothic horror stories such as the Tell-Tale Heart and the Fall of the Home of Usher. "The Black Cat is Poe's second emotional analysis of domestic violence and guilt. He even added a new element to aid in evoking the shadowy side of the narrator, and that's the supernatural universe." (Womack).) Poe uses many of the American Gothic characteristics like psychological strength, superstition, extremes in violence, the focus on a specific thing and foreshadowing lead the reader through a string of events which are frightening and grotesque. "The Black Cat is among the strongest of Poe's tales, and the terror stops short of this wavering line of disgust" (Quinn). The story is told via the subjective viewpoint of the narrator who begins by telling the reader he's writing this narrative to unburden his soul because he'll die tomorrow. The events which brought him to this place in time have "terrified, tortured and ruined him" (Poe). It sets a suspenseful tone for the narrative. He blames the Fiend Intemperance for its change of his character. He moved from a very docile, tenderhearted person who adored his pets and wife to a violent guy who inflicted this ill temperament on the very things he loves. The final break from the guy that he once was, would be that the "spirit of PERVERSENESS" (Poe 514). He explains this as doing anything wrong because you know it's wrong. Evil consumes his every thought and that he soon develops a hate for all. "Talking by his narrators," Poe illustrates perversit...

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