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Essay on Women's Religious Social Roles

Before the standardization of Christian philosophy, early Christians created a large number of sects according to their diverse comprehension of Christianity and its implications. The opinion about women is a subject in particular. In "God The Father/God The Mother", Elaine Pagels summarizes Orthodoxy and Gnostics' distinct attitudes toward girls in Christianity concerning symbolism of god and women's religious and social roles. She then explains how the reversal of Christians' social status and the conversion of Hellenized Jews market Orthodoxy's constraining idea of women finally out-compete Gnostic's supportive one. Sharing the same view with Pagels, I'd add that the amount of popularity of the Christianity and ·the assimilation of Christianity by Egyptian, Mediterranean and Persian religions also play crucial part in the transformation of attitudes to women, from affirming to suppressive. Originally, during mid-1st century, as a newly-established sect, Christian doctrines were shared with just a few of individuals and needed as much humans as potential gathering together to propagandize and produce the sect to a strong faith; consequently, even though deriving from Judaism which discriminated and excluded female, Christians at that time welcomed the contribution from not just men but also women, generating a gender egalitarian atmosphere. The intend of adding more female believers as well as the notions of sexual equality were obviously reflected in Gospels written between 70 AD to 100 AD. From the gospel of Mark 5:25-34, talked by Professor Chang in class, for instance, Jesus is described to cure a woman who suffered from unusually consisting menstrual bleeding for more than 10 years. (Chang "Socio-political Challenge of the Jesu...

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