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Essay on Misconception of the Fortunate Fall in Bob Milton’s Heaven Lost

Myth of the Fortunate Fall in Heaven Shed From this descent / Celestial Virtues increasing, will show up / Even more wonderful... than from no fall. (ii. 14-16)1These are Satan's words and phrases to the dropped angels in Heaven Shed. Satan claims that their fall from Heaven will appear like a "fortunate fall," in that their fresh rise to power will in fact end up being "more marvelous" than if they experienced remained in Bliss all of the the even though. Can we, as dropped human beings, perhaps make Satan's phrases our very own, actually if it is certainly not really our very own function but God's that causes our "rising"; or, if we perform declare a "fortunate fall," possess we been beguiled by Satan to delight in our dropped condition? While it is usually common among beguiled critics to state that Heaven Shed presents the Fall as fortuitous, in reality the Fall is usually very much much less privileged than these critics assume. Millicent Bell can be among the beguiled, but he begins off with a essential stage that is normally as well very easily overlooked. What will the story make direct about the Fall? "The uncovered tale makes no secret of it. It was unlimited tragedy."2 From the starting of the world famous we find out that the Fall "Brought loss of life into the globe, and all our woe" (i. 3). It "brought into this globe a globe of woe,/Sin and her shadow Loss of life, and agony/Death's harbinger" (ix. 11-13). We find out that Eve, after departing Adam to proceed her very own method in Eden (simply before the Fall) "never from that hour in Heaven/Found'st either nice repast, or sound repose" (ix. 406-07). Eve's Fall is usually a great calamity for the globe (ix. 782-84); therefore is normally Adam's, completing the initial sin (ix. 1003). The couple's early reactions to their sin consist of disgust, pity, lust, and scorn for the globe (ix. 1010 ff.). The woe of Satan, as well, is usually "perpetual" (ii. 861) and "eternal" (iv...

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